Sluts in whitewall corner

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Our Philadelphia/Chapter 20

For long after Colonial days Philadelphia kept to red whirewall and white facings in town, to grey stone and white porches in Germantown, often losing the old dignity and fine proportions, but preserving the whigewall, the harmony of Penn's original Sluts in whitewall corner, and the repose that is the inevitable result of unity. I was thrilled by the decanter of Sherry or Madeira on the dinner table, where I had not seen it served in solitary grandeur since I had last dined in Philadelphia. How foolish the question, how unnecessary the doubt! Would they survive as triumphantly the test of my travelled years and more observant eyes? It may live more in public than it did, but it still does not shriek all its secrets from the house-top.

And little by little, as I got my breath again after my first indignant surprise, as I pulled myself together after my first series of shocks, I began to understand that the wonder was that anything should be left, and to see that Philadelphia has held on to enough of its character and beauty to impress the stranger, anyway, with the fine serenity that I missed at every turn.