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As teens shrug at the idea of dating and adults put off or skip marriage altogether, skeptics might wonder, aren't they all missing sjngles on that boost of self-esteem that comes from "having someone"? Living alone could be good for your weight But not all groups followed the same sexual trajectory -- the drop was especially pronounced for the people who were married or divorced, compared to people who had always been single.

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But three big methodologically sophisticated studies published in shook our faith in that idea. Santos and his colleagues found that the popularity of such practices grew significantly for 83 percent of the countries with relevant data. The idea that there are some people who just do not experience sexual attraction has a more prominent place in our cultural consciousness today, something for which the the Asexual Visibility and Education Network AVENfounded ingets much of the credit. According to a Census Bureau reportmore than half of the participants in a nationally representative sample 55 percent said that getting married was not an important criterion for becoming an adult.