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It lies at an elevation of 52 feet 16 m. Centerville was started by George Lloyd who started selling cold beer to stage passengers from a tent in George Bond set up a general store and the name Centerville was chosen. Centerville can be traced back to its native American roots. Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Portuguese and Swiss Swiss Parkpeoples were among the early settlers that contributed greatly to the growth Centerville. Most of Centerville was and still is Catholic. The Freitas Ranch on Thornton Ave was probably the largest of the working farms. There were acres of apricot along with other fruit and nut orchards and large fields of various types of fresh produce.

After President Roosevelt issued Executive Orderwhich authorized military commanders to exclude "any or all persons" from certain areas in the name of national defense, the Western Defense Command began ordering Japanese Americans living on the West Coast to present themselves for "evacuation" from the newly created military zones. This included many Centerville farming families. Centerville was also a main stop for the early railways. This gave the local farmers a way to quickly get their produce to market.

With the access to railway service there was once a large cannery on Baine Ave. Inthe cannery was destroyed in the largest fire in Fremont's history. The cannery was never rebuilt. Most of the early housing stood along Fremont Blvd. Free casual dating in fremont ca 94536 Centerville community plan area includes the sprawling subdivisions, developed in the s and s, of Glenmoor Gardensbounded by Central Avenue, Fremont Boulevard, Mowry Avenue, and the I Free casual dating in fremont ca 94536. Niles District[ edit ] Niles Art Walk The town is physically divided from other parts of Fremont and neighboring Union City by Mission Boulevard State Route to the east and north, Alameda Creek to the south, Union Pacific Railroad to the west and southeast, and the Quarry Lakes to the southwest.

Old Town Niles features its own library, post office, and silent movie theater as well as a large number of antique and craft stores. The town is named after Addison Niles. It lies at an elevation of feet 34 m. Niles was the home of one of the first West Coast motion picture companies, Essanay Studios. Scenic Niles Canyon stretches between Niles and Sunol. The nonprofit Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum offers both artifacts of Niles' early years, and each Saturday evening, screenings of early-twentieth-century silent films, many of which were filmed locally. The Niles Canyon Railroad has a small but well-maintained collection of historic rail stock.

Of special note is the annual antique fair and flea market which takes place on the last Sunday in August. The entire town turns out with things to sell as early as Saturday morning, with bargain hunters from the Bay Area and beyond visiting in search of bargains. Niles is also home to the Fremont Gurdwarawhich serves the large American Sikh community of Fremont as a religious shrine open to not only the Sikhs but to everyone regardless of their caste and religion. Nileswho later was elected to the California Supreme Court. In Septemberfour months after the famous golden spike ceremony at Promontory Summit, Utah, the Central Pacific Railroad completed the transcontinental rail link between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay, finishing the track through the canyon.

The Central Pacific had acquired the Western Pacific and other local railroads and built track to connect them at a waterfront terminal at Alameda Point. Irvington District[ edit ] The Irvington District area has cycled through many name changes over time. Shortly after the US Civil war, a freed male black slave traveled from the southern United States to California, reputedly in search of a fortune. This former slave noticed the traffic at the crossroads of what is today the "Five Corners" intersection in Fremont; the transcontinental railroad passed through this region, bringing many passers-by. Realizing a financial opportunity, this freed slave constructed the first building at the cross roads, a tavern with an inn.

The inn and several of the other original buildings were demolished by the city of Fremont in the early s. In Washington Collegeone of the first industrial educational institutions in California, was established in Washington township near the crossroads. As a result, the US Postal Service established a post office called Washington Corners at the college inwhich became the name of the settlement on the Alameda County map of Washington Township. The name was chosen in honor of Judge Irving, the local traveling circuit judge of the time.

Later, when the railroad came through the area, the published train schedule pamphlets erroneously listed the Irving train depot as "Irvington. Irvington Woods and the Irvington Square. The neighborhood is ethnically mixed and is primarily working class. This Irvington community plan area includes the Sundale neighborhood, the South Sundale neighborhood, 28 Palms, Blacow, and Grimmer subdivisions. The area is served by three high schools: Mission San Jose District[ edit ] At the time of the California Gold Rush, a boom town grew up around the old Mission, to equip and transport 49ers overland to the gold fields.

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