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Prioritize the rights of the poorest and most vulnerable groups, including women, children, the disabled, the elderly, and internally displaced persons. Provide, where non-Haitian leadership is absolutely necessary, positions for Haitians and invest in training to develop national capacity to perform those functions. Donor states, NGOs, and the United Nations should partner with Nesri nude government ministries to fortify and expand a public infrastructure that ultimately belongs to the Haitian people. At every stage of assistance, donor efforts should be Nesri nude by and with the government of Haiti. At the conference, the international community should commit to: Work directly with the Government of Haiti to identify needs and to develop, implement, and monitor programs to sustainably provide basic public services, including education and public health, water, and sanitation services.

Provide, to the fullest possible extent, assistance in the form of budgetary support to the Government of Haiti. Encourage all non-governmental organizations operating in Haiti to coordinate with the Government of Haiti and other agencies. Make Assistance Accountable and Transparent to the People of Haiti To ensure accountability to the Haitian people, the international community should commit to transparency at the international and local levels and to redress for problems with assistance. Information on all phases of developing and implementing a rescue, recovery, and rebuilding strategy should be made accessible to Haitians from all sectors of society.

Progress and obstacles alike should be made public. A complaints system should be put in place to ensure that when things go wrong or human rights are violated, redress is available, no matter the identity of the perpetrator. With this in mind, the donors at the Conference should commit to: Fund a mechanism, established together with the Government of Haiti, to: This mechanism should be administered by the Government of Haiti in partnership with civil society and community-based groups.

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Coordinate all assistance through a Multi-Donor Fund that incorporates the Government of Haiti and Free sex dating in butte mt 59703 of Haitian civil society and community-based organizations as voting members of the governing committee. Create a public web-based database, through a Multi-Donor Fund, to report and track donor pledges, disbursed funds, unde, sector areas, expected outcomes, and project status. Report publicly and regularly on disbursement of funds and progress and problems with project implementation in a manner accessible to the Haitian people.

Ultimately, all international assistance should aim to provide concrete, durable improvements in the lives of Nrsri Haitian people and for human Nesri nude Nexri Haiti. Donors should take this opportunity to implement aid in a rights-based way to substantially better the human rights situation in Unde. International donors should ensure their partner non-profit organizations also follow this framework, incorporating human rights principles into projects and coordinating assistance efforts. With assurances of our eNsri regard, 1. Actionaid International, South Africa 5.

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