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The bottom of the T has to rotate to the rear of the pistol. The thumb safety just slides up and out. If Dating tokarev T in the left grip panel is hard to move, grip the top of the grip panel hard to press Dating tokarev the thumb safety. This should make it easier to remove. Remember, you have to remove the left panel before the right one! Here, I took off both grip panels then put the left one back on so you can see the orientation of the left grip panel, what I meant by T, and how the tip of the cleaning rod has to fit in the notch in the bottom of the T: Now take the thumb safety off by lifting it up and out, then use the tip of the cleaning rod on one of the circles in the I to remove the right grip panel: Here you can see where Zastava shaved the left grip panel for the thumb safety: Next, we are going to remove the trigger and spring.

The spring should then tilt forwards towards the mag release. Slide the spring up and out of the frame. Once I figured out how to take it all the way apart, I found the culprit. Someone had used thick grease where the trigger makes contact with the spring. It was smoother and very crisp. It was coated on here: It does get easier once you get the hang of it, I will tell you that. The firing pin is under a lot of pressure, and if your not careful, the firing pin plate could easily slip out, and the firing pin, the firing pin cup, and cup spring could easily fly out and hit you in the eye or be lost forever.

I put the end of the slide, slide stop in the ziploc bag, and work it out that way.

Position the slide stop like so: Using a ziploc bag to get the firing pin out I have the slide stop position wrong, position it like the above picture: Left to tokwrev Dating tokarev Datinv pin spring with firing pin, firing Dating tokarev cup spring, firing pin cup: Reassembly Do it all in reverse! Well, it is, once you get the firing pin assembly back in the slide. Before you start, lets look at how the firing pin assembly needs to go back in the slide. That little notch slides into that groove. But even as the TT was being put into production, design changes were made to simplify manufacturing.

Minor changes to the barrel, disconnector, [5] trigger and frame were implemented, the most notable ones being the omission of the removable hammer assembly and changes to the full-circumference locking lugs. This redesigned pistol was the TT Design details[ edit ] Externally, the TT is very similar to John Browning 's blowback operated FN Model semiautomatic pistoland internally it uses Browning's short recoil tilting-barrel system from the M pistol. This assembly is removable from the pistol as a modular unit and includes machined magazine feed lips preventing misfeeds when a damaged magazine was loaded into the magazine well.

Some models use a captive recoil spring secured to the guide rod which does depend on the barrel bushing to hold it under tension. The TT is chambered for the 7.

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Able to withstand tremendous abuse, large numbers of the TT were produced Dating tokarev World War II and well into the s. In Dating tokarev times the robust TT has been converted to many extremely powerful cartridges including. The TT omitted a safety catch other than the half cock notch which rendered the trigger inoperable until the hammer was pulled back to full cock and then lowered manually to the half cock position. Many imported variants have manual safeties added, which vary greatly in placement and function. Variants[ edit ] The Wehrmacht captured a fair number of TTs and issued them to units under the Pistole r designation. This was made possible by the fact that Russian 7.

Therefore, German ammunition could be used in captured Russian arms, but not vice versa.