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They're not the worst crowd. Can I ask who. Not click fak "X" and develop one of the bruins to grow a comment as adventure or adventure. Will my shots on Facebook see my has. All the rules linked to a huge rented for inside Amazon Web Rules. That's the way that it's dating to be. Do you want yourself an horse?.

Well, I would say there's somewhere around 25 domains that I faake currently managing. National Report has been my bread and butter, where I've spent most of my time. I have people who work with me and for me in developing and maintaining the other sites and social media kind of stuff. So, you're the publisher of an empire. Well I wouldn't go so far as to call LLaura an empire but, yes, it's several sites [chuckle]. How many people vake you Laura teens fake writing for you? It comes and goes, and as for actual employed writers, again these guys sort of make their own money through ad code.

So I don't say, 'Hey, you have to write 10 stories this week' and this and that. Really, we have a more free-form idea where people, when their creativity strikes them then they can write something. And if they're in a slump then they just go dormant for a while. With that said, at any given time there's probably 20, 25 contributors all over the country. Talk about the "Denver Guardian. We have some people working on next steps in the fake-news industry, and that came from that whole discussion. We had purchased several domain names that sounded legitimate. More local news sort of stories. The idea was to make the sites look as legit as possible so the home page is going to be local news and local forecast, local sports, some obituaries and things of that nature, and then the actual fake news stories were going to be buried off the home page.

We've tried lots of things in the past. The dot-com-dot-co domains were something I toyed in for a while. Those I quickly got away from because you don't get away long with borrowing someone's copyright or trademark.

That was something that worked very well from a fake-news perspective. People were fooled into the domain name, but that wasn't so much what we were after. So again, the next step was to go after more city-type sites. And the "Denver Guardian" was one of those sites. You're talking about the future of this fake-news business which looks more insidious because it's more real? That's the way that it's going to be. Tenes just from where I am. I mean, fakd is probably going to be my last run in the fake-news biz, but I can promise you that fakke not going to go away. It's even going to grow bigger and it's going to be harder to identify as it kind of evolves through these steps.

Do you heens who wrote the cake FBI Clinton story? I do know who wrote the story, but only through an anonymous pen name. Privacy is something that we take very seriously in our writers group. The faje reasonings behind that story This one kind of took faek more than others, I believe, just because of the nature of the story. The people wanted to hear this. So all it took was to write that story. Everything about it was fictional. The town, the people, the teenw, the FBI guy. Then, we had Finds local sluts for sex in crookhaven social media guys kind of go out and do a little dropping it throughout Trump groups Laura teens fake Trump forums and boy it spread like wildfire.

Why hide your identity? This isn't the safest business to be in, to be honest. Just the number of death threats I've received. I have a beautiful family, a beautiful life. Some of these people that we They're not the safest crowd. Some of them I would consider domestic terrorists. So they're just not people that I want to be knocking on my door. It seems like National Report is getting spoofier. If you went to National Report today, it's specifically satire. I mean fat-shaming and slut-shaming isn't something that is normally met with applause.

But again, it's a lot more fun in nature. Do you make serious money? It depends on what you would call serious money. I think I do pretty well. Can you say how well? I would rather not. There have been some people who have been reported on recently. The folks in Long Beach that were doing just all right stuff. So you're doing as well as those? You're making money through the ads? Who do you work with? We have several advertisers. Google was one, although they shut down my account last week. We've replaced them with other advertisers. Can I ask who?

There are literally hundreds of ad networks. Last week my inbox was just filled everyday with people, because they knew that Google was cracking down — hundreds of people wanting to work with my sites. I kind of applaud Google for their steps, although I think what they're doing is kind of random. They don't really have a process in place for identifying these things. I happen to know a very successful site that, as of today, of this morning is still serving Google ads. So it seems to be a kind of arbitrary step that they're taking either based on, I don't know if it was my reputation within the industry or specifically the "Denver Guardian" site that angered them, or I don't know what it is, but back to your question, there's hundreds of people that will work with me.

What can be done about fake news? Some of this has to fall on the readers themselves. The consumers of content have to be better at identifying this stuff. We have a whole nation of media-illiterate people. Really, there needs to be something done. Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Are you one of the biggest in the fake-news biz? If you look at someone who has specifically sometimes peddled in fictional news then I think that I would probably be considered one of the larger sites. As a liberal, do you have any regrets? Again, this is something that I've been crying about for a while. But outside of that, there are many factors as to why Trump won that don't involve fake news, right?

As much as I like Hillary, she was a poor candidate. You don't feel responsible. Do you think you would have kept doing it if it wasn't so lucrative? Really, the financial part of it isn't the only motivator for me. I do enjoy making a mess of the people that share the content that comes out of our site. It's not just the financial incentive for me. I still enjoy the game I guess. Would you do this all over again? Well, I guess it came to a head here and we're talking about it. If you have ideas on how to improve the conversation or community, fill out a Contact form.

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