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The sons of Levi did as David commanded, and about three back of the people fell on that day. You wanna be my return pig. Third, the Rape of Nanjing was also an check that was looking and unnecessarily brutal during the Journal Sino-Japanese War. To name a few other prospects of the age-old share:.

In other words the women forced Odysseus physically. Calypso effectively trapped Odysseus onto her island and had Sluhs intention in letting mosws go anytime. As a goddess, she could live for eternity. Odysseus would Sluts in moses gate been stranded for the rest of his life. Odysseus had no choice but to obey to a goddess. In the case with Odysseus and Circe, Odysseus was compelled to please Circe in order to successfully receive all Sluts in moses gate information and the necessary steps to head back home. Souts this situation, Odysseus was not forced physically like the Slutss with Calypso.

As we all know Odysseus is the King of Ithaca and all misdeeds of person of such stature should be monitored closely and punished accordingly. The fact that Homer did not lead Odysseus to any dire consequences shows that the voluntary actions of the women to willingly have relationships with the suitors is a much more severe crime. With their punishment, death, Homer shows that even as an ordinary person, such a crime is not justified. As for my own opinion, I do not think they are deserving of death. In my view, since they are not of high stature like Odysseus, maybe a less severe punishment would be appropriate.

The women did not directly harm Penelope or the land of Ithaca by being disloyal. Today, there are not really any people who are as unmerciful as Telemachus and his men in this passage, but if we dig into history we can definitely find some similar cases. I am not entirely sure my examples fit the bill or are appropriate but I will include the Holocaust and the Rape of Nanjing, two events that first pop up in my head. I do not think the Holocaust needs any introduction or background information. The actions or rather the countless murders the Nazis were responsible for were not only unjustified, but also ruthless and inhumane.

Similarly, the Rape of Nanjing was also an event that was merciless and unnecessarily brutal during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Perhaps, the question instead should be is it justifiable for certain nations, cultures, and people to be unmerciful like Telemachus. While on his journey, Odysseus sleeps with numerous women, despite the fact that his wife Penelope is still waiting for his return.

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