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He was specifically chosen by Interstellar Alliance president John Sheridan because he would be willing to take chances and would not let diplomacy get in the way of completing the mission.

During the battle, the Drakh released a viral weapon into Earth's atmosphere, infecting every living thing on the planet. She first encountered Gideon on Mars during an interstellar Sarah chambers nude on the plague where she was heading security " Ruling from the Tomb ". As a result, there is some hostility among Mars-born humans towards Terrans and many in EarthForce do not feel obligated to risk their lives to help Earth fight the plague. He was a child prodigy and has a gift for understanding alien languages. Earth controls most of the information systems and resources in the solar system and Earth based corporations control much of the Mars economy " Objects in Motion ".

This particular ordering supersedes Straczynski's own "preferred" sequence from a strictly chronological and causal standpoint.