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I'm not even sure my paradigms are standard English, and according to whose standard? No one ever asks questions like this in French, where everything has the somewhat pedestrian merit of being clear. I hate the disagreement between third person singular and plural. Everyone must fasten their seat belt[s].

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Gesamtkunstwerk First let me say that I have no fight to pick with Dick Wagner. I haven't even checked his Wikipedia page. Yes, he may have been caught up in the nationalism of his times, but so was Bob Burns. So are we, each to a greater or lesser degree, caught up in the internationalism of ours. He may have been racist, although I have no special reason to think so, but so is everyone else, as Sluts in tremar friend Cor r in n e has so rightly observed. I did not, however, share his soaring ambition in this case, at least not at first: At first I just wanted to post pics of Rose.

At some point I noticed that the pics were on occasion esthetically pleasing. And I am blest to have a seemingly photogenic daughter. Then I got lucky on 28 April I had no idea there was anything special about the pics, nor even that refracted light could be photographed, until I saw the results onscreen. Then music crept in. Then one day I had that idea about timing the slideshows. Little by little, as we were talking about this, as the letters on Ecclesiastes coalesced into something of an epistolary short story, text invaded the images. I began Winter Baroque with soaring ambitions. High Ee. Cum wingsMimosa's sore toothnote frum murtildago UtopiaM. Vellylaurent's bullet woundnegatron's grandfatherthey refer to our shared past, and we all know what is invoked.

On 22 February I had soaring ambitions, if that's what you call the will to write a polyglot epistolary novel using my life as the source material in co-authorship with whoever happened to come along online. But I had had that ambition since I discovered e-mail two years earlier. I had the ambition of Sluts in tremar a polyglot epistolary novel using my life as the source material in co-authorship with whoever happened to come along since I was eighteen years old. The Lying Seamstress Heh, heh. I think Sluts in tremar was "Terrible" Tom Eliot, but that kind of quotation fairly begs to get around. Another good candidate would be Picasso, who was also rather adept at stealing money, women, fame, and words.

I don't know about: In my dreams the reply to Murder's message was entitled "The Lying Seamstress", but I can't really remember why. Our seamstress Madame Slicha, after the name of her dog, and last week-end Rose recognized her gray rather nondescript car because of the shop logo, an ABC with some kind of icon I don't even remember doesn't seem to be implied. Finally up at six, let's return to Murder's idea of order. If it's the later, you are in the wrong place. We are not here to make you more popular. This means no linking to anything that is commerce related, your blog, web site, bandcamp, facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc.

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