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Many of them are probably psychopaths.

Unfortunately, this is just a best-case scenario, since wealthy Gulf Arabs are notorious for repeatedly committing acts of wanton brutality against their household employees, who are mostly desperately poor people from South and Southeast Asia. These men get off on the degradation of women, even the degradation of animals. For much the same reasons, these guys get off on the knowledge that they can harass, batter, rape, privately imprison, and even kill their maids and nannies with impunity. The Gulf Arab regimes are stunningly amoral.

The House of Saud, at least, is known to be perennially under the blackmail of a mafia of Wahhabi religious zealots, men whose shtick is to tacitly threaten to run an ISIS-style bloodletting on the royal family and blow up Ras Tanura if their gravy train is ever derailed. This is the company that our government keeps. In addition to its wholesome and affordable fat-bottom working girls, Tacoma has an exceptionally well-run and modestly priced municipal electric system, powered by a robust network of hydroelectric dams in the hinterlands.