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Turning left in front of oncoming traffic. Turning right on a red light without stopping. Two times over the speed limit by 4 mph or more. Disregarding instructions or refusal to perform instructed maneuver. Losing control of the vehicle causing the examiner to take evasive action or assume control of the vehicle. Some tips for taking the road test: During the test, you must: Wear your safety belt all occupants in vehicle must wear safety belts. Obey all traffic signs, signals and laws. Complete all traffic checks by moving your head to make your search obvious to the examiner. Keep both hands on the steering wheel unless shifting.

Complete the test without an accident or moving violation. Throughout the test, you will be scored on your overall performance in the following general driving behavior categories: Establish a pattern of searching left, right, ahead, and behind using all available mirrors and moving your head to make your traffic checks obvious to the examiner. Searching involves head and eye movements, as well as turning and looking over your shoulder to check blind spots. Anticipate traffic, pedestrians, people entering and exiting parked vehicles and potentially hazardous situations well in advance.

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