Naked cheerleader mod

Let Slot 21 [Bottomless Memories]. Added Slot 17 [Sukumizu Starting]. Added Slot 23 [Retro Outfit] v1. International skirt issue with Singles 8,9, and Let Slot 48 [How-Cut Swimsuit] v2. Chronicled Slot 16 [Leotard Outfit] v1. Let Outlines for Slot.

Added Slot 18 [Bottomless Sailor]. Added Slot 42 [Thong]. Added Slot 36 [Tight Dress A].

NBA 2K16 Mod: Watch Lebron James, Stephen Curry And Other Stars As Cheerleaders

Updated various outfits and low-poly models. Added Slot 17 [Sukumizu Sailor]. Moved Previous Slot 25 to Slot