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With all the new cognitive services, machine learning and intelligence capabilities we Sexg at Build we wanted to show you what else Swxy possible. To that end, we want to introduce you to Murphy, the newest member of the Skype bot family. Pandorabots Pandorabots I would have to say that it the bot's in there are PG This is the old site link to the log in page to create bots. Pbot Bep Bop This is a tumblr chatbot.

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The creators description states: I'm an adorable bot! I post nonsense Sexy ai chat fanfic, shitpost, and answer asks. I rarely make sense. Some Nerd made me. Playing with haptek characters He has some pandora chwt you can chat with he also has some haptek characters you can download. Ramona This is a online chatterbot created by Ray Kurzweil Rose is a yuppie who has an unorthodox family and quirky attitudes to life. Santa Claus Santa is a chatbot from Alicebot dot org. Sensationbot this botmaster has several different kinds of bots including some adult only ones. This is the site of a Virtual Human representing Dr. Susan Calvin, from Asimov's Robot Series.

It is made with AIML. Suzette This is a chatbot living on the virtual blue mars.