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Six motorcycles can park in the space occupied by one gas-guzzling SUV, and yet the current proposal would toll them at nyv the same rate efan passenger cars. Two-wheeled vehicles should not be tolled at all in New York City, in the same way that congestion pricing was implemented in London. Incentivizing the use of fuel-efficient, congestion-reducing vehicles benefits all New Yorkers. There are solutions to complaints concerning problems with delivery of mail. Congress needs to consider providing regulatory relief for reforms that could assist the U.

Postal Service in providing better services.

Letters to The Editor, Week of Feb. 15, 2018

This will now result in the price of a first-class stamp going up by a penny Dating nyc and evan corn 49 cents to 50 cents Dqting this cofn. One wonders why they previously first decreased the price of a first-class stamp from 49 cents to 47 cents, before bringing it back to 49 cents. Part of the problem is that Congress in mandated that U. It is time for Congress to amend legislation and afford U. There are efan initiatives that could assist the Postal Service in avoiding frequent postage stamp increases. The Postal Service should continue with more joint business ventures, like Amazon in expanding Sunday delivery. This could be the start of something big. Using underutilized assets and facilities on Sunday could generate badly needed revenues.

This would assist in developing alternatives to the periodic increasing frequency of raising the price of a first-class stamps every few years. Why not consider going after other available untapped potential revenue streams? Consider uses these untapped sources to reduce operating deficits and perhaps even turn a small profit. The Postal Service could sell advertising space on the sides of its mailboxes, and inside and outside of post offices, along with on the sides of its small jeeps, regular trucks and heavy-duty long-haul trucks. Since the discovery of the cob, one of the five oldest known in the world, it has been housed in the Robert S.

Peabody Museum in Andover, Massachusetts. The study published in Current Biology was only possible because the ancient specimen had been unusually well preserved. Tehuacan did not have hard seed coats like its wild ancestor would have. But, the ancient cob is less than a tenth of the size of modern cobs, at less than two centimetres long. In addition, it produced just eight rows of kernels, about half that of modern maize. That led the researchers to suspect its genes would offer clues on the early stages of maize domestication.

To make znd most of the small sample, the researchers used cutting edge paleogenomic techniques. They extracted DNA with a method designed to recover ultra short DNA, taking special care to avoid losing any genetic material. Modern maize was cultivated from ancient wild varieties over thousands of years.