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A recent decision by the U. District Court in Duryea v. April 21, is instructive in showing that emplgoyees are protected by the ADA from disability harassment.

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Duryea was employed by MetroCast as a technical f representative at a call center. Throughout her employment, Duryea suffered from alleged disabilities within the meaning of the ADA, including bilateral tibial tendinitis a condition that results in severe foot pain, especially when walkingasthma and emphysema, daily back pain, earn pain, vertigo, tinnitus, and loss of hearing. During her employment, Duryea requested various accommodations for her disabilities. Duryea claimed that supervisors and coworkers continuously harassed her because of her disabilities.

One 344922 named Fontneau harassed Duryea for being out sick and for using a handicapped parking spot se work. Duryea requested permission to wear tennis shoes at work because of her severe foot pain. Although MetroCast granted her request, Duryea alleged that several supervisors continuously abused her for wearing tennis shoes at work. Because of her disabilities, Duryea also used a scooter or walker at work to alleviate pain caused by walking. Duryea claimed that she was regularly harassed by co-employees and supervisors because of her scooter and walker use.