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No tokens sex cam simgirls dating simulator hints. This allows for electron energization in spatial regions that exceed the regular de-scale electron-diffusion region by at least three orders of magnitude. Online dating egedal particular, electron distribution functions, f, have been obtained in situ; as an example, in Fig. Previous analyses have established that Cluster 3 passed through a reconnection region as shown in the schematic representation of Fig. In contrast, for the distribution in Fig. Full size image Analysis of spacecraft data as well as kinetic simulations shows that the moderate parallel energization of electrons in the inflow region is caused by the acceleration potentialwhere spatial integration, dl, from the location, x, is carried along magnetic-field lines to the ambient plasma The observations of the flat-top distributions call for a highly efficient mechanism for converting magnetic energy into electron kinetic energy during the reconnection process.

The heating mechanism is also consistent with the flat energization spectra observed for the superthermal electrons The two-dimensional simulation was carried out on the Kraken petascale supercomputer, using the kinetic particle-in-cell code VPIC ref. The case described here is initialized with a Harris current sheet and further details regarding the set-up are given in the Methods section. The present simulation differs from previous two-dimensional simulations in two important aspects. First, it uses a low value of the normalized upstream electron pressure,lower by a factor of 18 when compared with most previous investigations.

Here Teb is the upstream electron temperature Methods. Within these cavities, strong alternating parallel electric fields are observed, which is the signature of so-called electron holes. In previous simulations such structures have been observed in the vicinity of the electron-diffusion region in guide-field reconnection along two of the four separators In contrast, here the cavities are observed along all four separators and travel downstream with the exhaust as new sets of cavities form close to the reconnection site. Below we discuss the formation of electron beams inside the cavities Fig. General profiles all tend to blend together and can be viewed as boring or too typical.

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