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When he awaks in the night he hears amoney sound of Rick and Joanne having sex and is relieved thinking Rick will now go and Cerebus himself can leave. And as Cerebus looks at her, Jaka comes into the bar and when she sees him, flings her arms around him.


She says she crucks to try Sluts in ampney crucis with Rick, and Cerebus, now desperate to be rid of Rick by any means, prays they get together. As Cerebus Suts to get him a drink, Dave disappears, leaving a package for Cerebus on the bar. Joanne comes back in, with Rick seeing her as monstrous. But I have to respect the fact Dave Sim had planned some of it in advance with Rick's conversion to a new God based on real Christianity, rather than the parody version of it as Tarim worship that's been part of the storyline so far.