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By Tony Duffin Sunday 29 Apr8: The shelter provided emergency night-by-night accommodation for men and women between the ages of 16 and 25, people who were sleeping rough, many of whom were using drugs and alcohol to problematic levels and were often involved in other activities that were criminal or considered antisocial — shoplifting, begging, sex work and so on. The approach taken by the team at the night shelter was one of acceptance and inclusion; we talked about and practiced being non-judgmental. From sex workers to pimps, from drug users to street dealers — we worked with anybody that needed our service, because we recognised the potential of each and every person we worked Drunk coeds naked. Looking for help One cold, dark and Web sex no adobe Sunday evening a young woman, about 18 years of age, banged on our door looking for urgent help.

I went to the front door with the team leader and we talked to Web sex no adobe at the door. She was frantic, telling us her boyfriend had assaulted her and was going to make her go out into the streets that night to do sex work. As we spoke, her boyfriend appeared and the situation quickly became very dangerous. She did not want to go with him and at one point he grabbed hold of her arm and tried to drag her off. She screamed for help and it ended in a tug of war between us and him — with us pulling her inside to safety. He tried to kick down the door but, thankfully, he left when he realised that the door would not give and probably for fear that the police may arrive following all the commotion.

Help and support We got the first aid box, put the kettle on and sat down on the sofa giving the young woman help and support. She was well known to the staff at the shelter and we knew she had been on and off the streets since her early teens, that she had problems with drugs and that her boyfriend was understood to act as her pimp. After thirty minutes she began to talk about how much she loved her boyfriend and how she needed to go to him. We talked with her, we tried to convince her to stay in the shelter for the night but the pull of the streets and the need for drugs was too great and she headed out into the night once more.

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