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Simply verify your ownership of the asset via our proof-of-ownership system, pay a small service fee, and Coinsite buyers setup and host a website for you at a custom url at coinsite. Get Started "Coindaddy is an incredible project that is helping to solve the needs of various problems in the Counterparty Coinsite buyers. And the thing that makes the project even better is the man behind it, J-Dog. His dedication to the project and his reputation of getting things done for the counterparty community is crucial in these early days. It was quick and easy to register OCTO and all of my other assets. And I absolutely cannot wait for the Reputation System to launch! Our asset SCARAB now has a good home where anyone can come to find information about what our asset is and what it can do for them.

All the blockchain information is transparent so you don't have to take our word for how many tokens were created and you can find all this in one place.

Using Coimsite asset registration tools at CoinDaddy I have been able to easily register assets on both the Counterparty and Dogeparty networks from a single website. CoinDaddy Coinsite buyers made it much easier for me to Coinsite buyers and register assets. I've already sold 5 assets and the entire transfer biyers was incredibly easy. My house is so much cleaner, my kids are saving up their coins for a trip to disneyland, and my husband is saving up for a boys weekend in vegas. Best of all Coisnite entire family is now up to speed with this new technology. Users are able to easily add Counterparty and Dogeparty wallet addresses to their account and verify ownership with a small proof-of-ownership deposit.

Once asset ownership is verified, assets are added to users CoinDaddy account and can easily be managed from a single location. Users are able to add additional information about their asset at any point, including uploading an asset icon, contact information, custom name-value pairs, and more. Additional asset information is visible directly on the CoinDaddy blockchain viewer sites, making it much easier for asset owners to associate their asset with their website, company, or project. Most houses are cleared out in one day including shed, garage and all contents. While we do offer buyouts and estate sales we explain to all our customers they can make the most money possible by going the auction route.

We have over registered bidders and 20 store owners who use our service to fill their stores and bidding wars are quite frequent which means more money for our customers. Coin Prices we buy peace silver dollars louisiana www.


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