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The re, penned by David Marchant of Good Enemies, does not yet have a as see half. Expect period costumes and out bloodletting. When Eve is let with tracking down Sex before she can let again, the two news are served into a cat-and-mouse stopped that friends the free spy-thriller on its journal. No same month confirmed yet.

Fall Of A City Troy: Fall Of A City promised to be massive. The cast is mostly unknowns, making this something of a gamble. Considine plays a Counter-Terrorism Dating in the dark uk tv series who coerces a second generation Pakistani Londoner Nabhaan Rizwan to go undercover in a terrorist organisation and report back. Westworld alum Johnny Campbell is calling the directorial shots. Six episodes will air inalthough the exact premiere date is yet to be set. We may not be getting a Wipe from Charlie Brooker, but thankfully his pal Diane Morgan is branching out on her own to bring us some satirical funnies.

This means we will be getting a Victorian-era alien invasion story set in the leafy suburbs of Surrey. Based on the Lottie Moggach novel of the same name, this promises to be a teen drama with a dark twist. Set over four days in modern-day London, the series centres on the senseless murder of a pizza deliveryman. Clarkson, who recently shot episodes of Jessica Jones and The Defenders, directs. Across six episodes, a twisty narrative unfolds involving a suicide, a disappearing toddler and creepy Welsh village. The protagonist is a middle-aged Japanese man named Kenzo, who comes to Britain looking for his younger sibling who has been posing as a member of the Yakuza.

Across eight episodes, the series will cut between London and Tokyo. These nuns set up a shop in a remote area of Nepal, with Sister Clodagh soon struggling to repress her sexual desires for their land agent. No cast or release date info yet. The show will follow two rival daily newspapers, with numerous familiar faces filling up their offices. Written by Nick Payne Constellations and directed by Luke Snellin The A Wordthis series will explore the relationships of a multi-generational family.

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No release month confirmed yet. Hawes plays a fictional Home Secretary, with Madden playing her war veteran bodyguard. The pair will clash over their disparate political beliefs, with Madden sworn to protect a person he disagrees with on numerous big topics. He died while working in Kinshasa. Port date-raped and murdered four men, between andusing Grindr to attract his victims. Edith is a widow who lives across the road from her ex-boyfriend Phil played by John Cleese.

Hatton Garden This ITV drama based on the notorious Hatton Garden robbery was originally slated for a release, but it was pushed back to for reasons unknown. Jeff Pope and Dating in the dark uk tv series Winsor wrote the scripts, which consist of four hour-long episodes. After serving seven years in prison for murdering his wife, he is released on a technicality. As he attempts tc return to serues life, a new police investigation headed by DI Cathy Hudson Angel Coulby brings new secrets to the surface. The series, penned by Tony Marchant of Public Enemies, does not yet have a firm release date.

In practise, though, it was dismal. The contestants were mostly an unattractive mix of cocky and needy. The dates were dull. There are small differences here and there — this new series is on ITV2 not Sky Living, Matthew Horne is narrating not Sarah Harding — but everything else appears to be business as usual. This is a shame. Can Jeremy put a drumstick in his mouth and run to the other side of the room without tripping up and tearing a hole in his soft palate? That sort of thing. Why anyone would bother with unconvincing displays of affection when they could watch a procession of people hurt themselves is beyond me.

I am actively rooting against Dating in the Dark. I cannot allow it to succeed. What if they bring back Sing Date next?