Resident dating med student

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Resident dating med student. Dating a Resident.

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Last year Resident dating med student dated occasionally, but ultimately I couldn't devote the time Resident dating med student to develop a real relationship. So, it didn't work out for me. However, it seems to be working for some people in my class. Many in my second-year medical school class have been dating for some time. Some became engaged during first-year and were married this past summer, others have been in long-term relationships for many years, and a small group have been dating within the class or between classes. Now, not all of these relationships have been rosy.

As in all relationships, there have been rough spots. Understandably, in the relationship, it's hard when you are not the one in medical school -- when you are not priority 1. I've been on that side of the coin. After a while, it hurts. I keep saying to myself, Just wait until you're through with medical school. I ask myself, When will there be time? Will I end up old and alone without a family of my own? At the core, I'm a hopeless romantic. I mean, how many times have I watched Ever After? You -- and I -- don't want to know!