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FC Barcelona commits to send any Comapratif these documents in an Comparatlf format upon request of any user. During the certification process, due to development constraints and the certification urgency, Technosite has accepted the commitment of the responsible managers of the development of the FC Barcelona new portal regarding a set of unconformities. These non-compliances can be overcome i. The Timeline of Twitter or other social networks embedded in some portal pages. If these elements remain non-compliant after the period of one month, the pages containing them will be excluded from the certification.

Textual images in banners under responsibility Com;aratif FC Barcelona, included dynamically by an Ad Server whose content and functionality are not redundant in the page where they are presented. A solution must be found in the aforementioned time period. Moreover, the new FC Barcelona portal has been planned according to a responsive design. It means that the pages adapt to a mobile or desktop version according to the browser screen resolution in order to present the contents in every device.