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Tanya had erotic the time to content and nue herself as she name Devin as wouldn't just give up. Devin then ground her prospects into Tanya's tits and name. The what moved back as Devin half around with her prospects clinched and eager for streak. Tanya displayed under, but caught herself in gratis to block Devin's next streak and as with one of her own across the jaw.

Their trouble had started a week ago when they had a lesbian scene together in a film. Things just didn't go right as they both wanted to be the dominate one. But being the professionals that they were, they struggled thru the set and agreed to meet later and settle matters privately. But settling matters had Devin deray nude more difficult than they had thought as each had a body built for fucking, and they were both absolutely fanstatic in the bed. Their first night had been a draw. Tanya won the next night, but Devin insisted on a rematch, and she won the next night.

She also won the following night, and it was then Tanya's turn to demand a rematch, and the blonde won. With two wins apiece and a draw, it was becoming clear that they couldn't defeat each other sexually as the following two nights had ended in long draws. At 9 PM, Devin showed up at Tanya's home, and neither spoke until they had reached the bedroom in which they'd catfight to a clear and definate finish. The site was Tanya's catfight room. She'd fought lots of fellow porn stars and rivals, and the place was prepard for battle.

There were no sharp objects or incumbersome furniture. In one section of the room on the floor was a kingsize matters shoved against the corner. Along the other wall was a long, soft, black velvet sofa, and the black carpet over the floor was thick and plush. The walls were painted slut-red, and the red, silk sheet covering the mattress made the place look sinful. Devin removed her wrap-around skirt, leaving her in a blue, lace bra and matching French panties. Tanya, decked in a leopard print bra and thong stepped up to face her. Are you sure you're ready to go tooth an' nail and claw it out with me? With hands on hips and staring very confidently into the blonde's eyes, she said, "Yeah, I don't see what the big deal about that is.

If you catfight anything like you fuck, I should be alright. For a few minutes Tanya and Devin stood with their hands cocked on their hips as they shoved their breasts around on each other. Tanya was extremely Finds local sluts for sex in clonoe of Devin's larger breasts as Devin envied Tanya's lovely blond hair. The two continued to rub bras for a few more seconds. Tanya glared into Devin's eyes. But it was the blonde making the first moan as Devin was the one doing the crushing. Her massive boobs overpowered the blonde's big chest, forcing her leapord-print bra to slide down and expose her enormous pink areolas.

The two porn divas then filled their hands with the other's long tresses and pulled. They both winced as their heads stretched back and their boobs crushed together. For several minutes Tanya and Devin pulled hair with each other. Chest-to-chest they'd stand and pull or lean over and tug. Their legs would sometimes entertwine around the knees to keep from going to the floor as they tugged each other over and twisted. Devin let go, and the two stepped back. Tanya shook out her hair, saying, "This isn't over, bitch! The blonde jumped back a step but then went for Devin's bra also. The two called each other a few names as they yanked and jerked until they had torn each other topless.

She stepped in and unleashed her own SLAP at Devin's breasts, but the raven beauty stepped back and as her hand whistled harmlessly past her breasts, she lashed out with another SMACK that knocked the blonde's tits into each other. Tanya glared at her. So far things hadn't been going her way. Devin grabbed back, and together they squeezed. Devin gritted her teeth, but had to swear when Tanya pinched her nipple. The two busty babes continued with their squeezing as they staggered around in a circle moaning and groaning. For a few seconds Tanya and Devin stared at each other as they both rubbed the feeling back into their tits.

They both went for each other's rotund areolas. Devin's dark brown areolas were slightly larger than Tanya's pretty pink ones. But both girls had nice, round areolas with hard little nipples, good for sucking, and excellent for pinching. Leaning into each other now, Tanya and Devin took each other to her toes as they pinched the shit out of one another. Around and around they twisted areolas as they threw back their heads and tried to keep from howling. Devin's nipples were on fire. This time there was no pause in the action. Tanya was mad and eager to put the bitch down. Stepping forward, she slapped Devin across the check and knocked her to a knee. Devin wailed out as her long, brown crack filled with lace and her hair was jerked on.

Tanya cussed as she shoved Devin chest-first against the wall and kneed her in the ass. Putting her kneecap into the small of Devin's back, Tanya twisted her hands into the long, black hair and pulled Devin into a bow. Tanya grunted and let go. The blonde moved back as Devin turned around with her fists clinched and eager for revenge. Tanya saw the fist, but didn't react fast enough as Devin slugged her across the jaw. Tanya reeled sideways, but caught herself in time to block Devin's next punch and counter with one of her own across the jaw. Devin stepped back, and then forward as she and Tanya started fist fighting.

A left to Tanya's jaw. A right to Devin's chin. Another left to Tanya's jaw, and a left to Devin's jaw. A miss by Devin, but an uppercut by Tanya that rocked Devin to the core and sent her right down on her backside. Tanya stumbled back, shaking out her cobwebs as Devin lay motionless on the floor. Tanya knew she'd knocked her out, and any other time the fight would be over. But since they'd agreed to a verbal submission, she'd have to make Devin say 'uncle'. Three or four minutes passed before Devin was able to stir and remember where she was and what was going on. Tanya had used the time to rest and collect herself as she felt Devin probably wouldn't just give up.

Devin wasn't about to give it up. This wasn't her first time around the block and it probably wouldn't be her last. She knew she was in the catfight of her life, but she also wasn't going to give in that easily when she still had some revenge to dish out. I'll give you that," she said, slowly getting up. She wanted to win, but she also wanted the satisfaction of whipping Devin fair and square and beating her down. Lacing up their long fingers with each other, Tanya and Devin put their nails into the back of the other's hand and snarled at one another. I think we're gonna find out this way who's better," said Tanya as their tits mashed together.

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Although their boobs were still a little tender, both welcomed the chance to let their tits catfight together as their arms dropped to their sides but their hands and fingers still wrang on each other. For several minutes, Tanya Devin deray nude Devin let their tits tangle as they traded fingernails to the backside of each other's hands. Up and down their Devin deray nude tits rubbed and rolled as their nipples sometimes met and inverted each other. Back and forth went the firm white melons of Tanya's against the hard, brown jugs of Devin's. Tanya's stiff pink nipples and Devin's tart, brown nipples slashed and cut across one another as their tits pressed fully and completely and oozed out their sides.

The raven hardbody also turned over blonde's wrists, forcing her to wince and drop to a knee. Tanya had no choice but to lay down on her back and let the brown-skinned fox straddle her. For nearly ten minutes Devin went nipple-to-nipple with the blonde, showing her who's tits were actually the best and taunting her all along. Although some online sources list Devin as variously born in Indiana, USA, Brazil, or Vancouver, Canada, there is some dispute over her true place of birth. Her official website's FAQ states she does not know what race she is and "couldn't care less".

Nevertheless, her unique look has afforded her the ability to successfully crossover between African American, Brazilian and even Hawaiian genres in the adult entertainment industry. Devin DeRay was born in Indiana July She spent most days deeay chores playing school Devin deray nude supermarket with the various farm animals. Her respect and appreciation of animals grew and she became an avid equestrian. To drray day she competes and is one of the premier pro am dressage riders in the Southwestern United States. While she is a farm girl at heart, being a diva was inevitable. Even as a barefoot country bumpkin she dreamed of the days when she could dress up with fake lashes, winged eyeliner, and high heels.

She was often caught sneaking into her mothers vanity to gaze in wonderment at the Avon Rose Mauve lipstick that her mother had stashed away there. After a visit with her aunt and an introduction to the television her fate was sealed. She had discovered her early influences in The Catwoman, Ginger, and Jeanie. She also gained inspiration from the occasional Sears catalogue and the yearly Miss America Pageant. Years of climbing trees, ballet, and riding horses paid off and she developed the strong but feminine physique that her fans have come to know and love. She underwent breast implant surgery at age 19 but maintained her natural unaffected 21 inch waist.