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However, thanks to the commodity price cushion, banks in these slute have been, to date, relatively protected. Given the resumption in fossil fuel price escalation, they will probably remain so. The real truth of the matter is this; increases in the oil price feed into everything that we buy; commodity prices are a major driver of both inflation and deflation.

Oil is used for ALL heavy goods transport air, road, rail and shippingand is also a major ingredient in plastics, pharmaceuticals and building materials. The price of oil is linked to that of the other fossil fuels, gas and coal, which are largely used to generate our electricity and heat our homes. Oil price increases therefore feed inflation, which, in the absence of real wage increases, eats away at living standards. With stringent financial regulation and tightly controlled availability of credit, this is felt in the real economy immediately. When the banks are awash with cheap cash and false confidence, the effect is delayed by the easy availability of loans.

But as we have seen sincedelaying the inevitable only Archie panjabi sexy tits things worse. Egyptian bread protest The price of fossil fuels was far from the only Finds local sluts for sex in crookhaven in causing the housing bust that led to the credit crunch. But if massive levels of indebtedness were a loaded machine gun, oil prices increased the pressure on the indebted sufficiently to pull the trigger. Furthermore, rising oil prices the overall trend Odia sex video move inexorably upward means that more of decreasing family incomes will have to be spent on food and fuel, less on luxuries, property and servicing what are now unmanageable debts.

This means that the process of deleveraging a. Energy consumption in OECD countries is indeed down since the peak of the boom in Ensuing low lending levels by the banks will ensure the failure of further small businesses as this progresses. In the worst case scenario, where power outages become common in net energy importers such as ourselves, the knowledge economy could collapse; those servers need constant power to operate! Not necessarily in that order! It is therefore of huge importance that public awareness of this issue is raised. We need to get over the idea that cuts in energy usage are voluntary. At current rates of usage, oil reserves will be largely exhausted in 40 years. That means a complete overhaul of every aspect of our society within that time frame.

Or, alternatively, near extinction. The current state of oil reserves Many have argued that increasing oil prices will result in Herculean efforts to source more oil, gas and coal which can, at some expense and with vastly polluting effect, be converted to transport fuel using the Fischer-Tropsch process, a chemical reaction used to convert coal to transport fuel. Geology rules absolutely, and it is not ruling in our favour. Similarly, oil supplies are unlikely to react substantially to demand. We burn at least 3 barrels of oil for every one we now discover. The last supergiant oil field was located more than forty years ago.

Again, the triangle shaped graph goes steeply up on one side, and down on the other. Peak gas and coal may also be closer than we think; meanwhile, the process of sourcing new oil is being repeatedly stymied by legitimate concerns regarding climate change, difficulty of physical access to reserves such as those recently identified in the deep ocean off Brazil, and, believe it or not, water. Globally, we use between million barrels of oil per day Ireland imported 3. Furthermore, producing the steam for refining requires natural gas, which is under pressure as a result of North American domestic demand.

This latter problem can be solved with the planned building of a nuclear reactor or two, but this will take at least a decade. Recent and ongoing events in Fukushima will ensure a renewed public panic with regard to the safety of nuclear facilities although concerns about those NOT situated near subduction zones may be seriously logically misplaced. With such uncertainty, investors are collectively not investing in ventures which are, individually, risky. Methods developed by M. King Hubbert, which successfully predicted the real peak in oil production in the US inextrapolated to world oil supply, suggest a peak in although figures of production reached in have yet to be exceeded.

We can expect supply to be contracting rapidly after at the latest. That is a mere 4 years away. Gas is projected to peak in Companies, countries and the IEA have many motives that would favour looking on the optimistic side when reporting reserves. The stability of oil company profits and therefore share price is determined by looking at the size of reserves, meanwhile in the days of oil surplus back in the s, when OPEC countries were allowed to pump oil in proportion to their stated reserves.

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Now, if you had an economy to keep afloat and there were legitimate doubts as to the Fuck local sluts in ashingdon size of reserves, the tendency would be to err on the optimistic side. Furthermore, if you were an unstable Middle Eastern state partially dependent on foreign powers for national security Finds local sluts for sex in crookhaven Saudi Arabia for exampleyou might be somewhat disinclined to caution if your influence on the world stage and defence capability was dependent on enormous stated reserves. Meanwhile, gas and coal reserves, which look healthy on paper, may also be somewhat shaky for similar reasons.

Remember how successful the banks were at hiding risk until ? Well, world energy reserves may be as overinflated as estimates of risk were underinflated. Regardless, even if the oil producers can Finds local sluts for sex in crookhaven production stable until highly unlikelythe rate of demand increase from the BRIC counties in particular means that supply will still be unable to meet demand. Meanwhile, the abject panic that real shortages would cause on world financial markets is likely to be a reason for unfounded optimism in projecting energy supplies, going forward. We've been building a wonderful life, and bringing life into this world.

I cherish you and our time together and there's no one I'd rather hold hands with during this journey than you. I love you and look forward to the our future. I put excuses in the way of everything. So here it is if I give you an excuse stop me and make me think what So here it is if I give you an excuse stop me and make me think what I really want! You never see the mundane boring shit in-between because well who wants to see that anyway or show that to the world? Everything you see is about getting fitter, getting leaner getting better and for some reason I take that and apply it to my somewhat crazy life even though I know deep down there is no need to.

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