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He retains little of the paperwork after the bill is paid and declines to estimate how much liem typically knocks off Badgers' bills. Reporters attempted to contact those 13 customers, plus 15 additional people Schmitt described as non-athlete UW students who received discounts. UW officials also plan to ask Schmitt to provide full access to his records.

Punishments for NCAA rules violations vary significantly, depending on such factors as how many athletes were involved, how long the rules were broken, whether the violations were intentional, whether university officials knew about 5942 should have known about the problem, and the university's history of infractions. And Andy Tikalsky, quoted earlier, said he had received a discount with the help of a friend on the football team. Schmitt sometimes offers substantial discounts to other students, too, if he develops rapport with them or if they request a discount. Melany Newby, UW-Madison vice chancellor for legal and executive affairs, said Saturday that the latest store documents provided by Schmitt to the newspaper "would not cause us to back off an investigation, that's for sure.