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Each plane card has a name, a type, one ability that applies at all daing either to all players or to whoever is the turn player at the timeand one "Chaos" ability. Players also need a six-sided die, called the "planar die. During a player's main phase, that player can roll the planar die, with three possible outcomes.

A blank roll of the planar die does nothing. If "Chaos" is rolled, the "Chaos" ability of the current Planechase planes singles dating card triggers. If the "planeswalk" symbol is rolled, the player "planeswalks away" from the current plane put it on the bottom of its owner's planar deck and he or she reveals the top card of his or her planar deck, which becomes the new plane that has been "planeswalked to. Other than the above, the normal rules of the game are followed, and Planechase can be adapted to any multiplayer variant. Planechase introduced the "phenomenon" card type. A player may have up to two different phenomenon cards in his or her planar deck, which cannot have the same name.

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When a player planeswalks to a phenomenon, Planechase planes singles dating Planecuase she follows the instructions on the card, then immediately planeswalks away from it. The inhabitants of most of these planes have no idea that theirs is not the only universe, or indeed the only world—generally only planeswalkers know that, and are able to travel intentionally between planes. However these realities are usually very different from each other, Plaenchase that planeswalkers cannot planeswalk between planes that are too similar.

Planes are known to "move" in relation to each other. Additionally new planes are constantly created, while others drift out of existence. Most known planes have one central, populated world, that the entire plane is typically named after. However, it is possible that in vast universes with billions of galaxies and stars, other populated worlds also exist. These planes are unstable and eventually collapse if there is nothing to sustain their existence like a constant flow of mana, or technical means such as flowstone. These planes are most likely surrounded by an amount of real space that prevents them from being destroyed by the Blind Eternities.

However, this pocket of space eventually wears out, after which the Blind Eternities destroy the plane. List of Plane cards[ edit edit source ] Name.