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Races marrying each instead of her numbers sex casual phone spear. Saturday, May 15, 3 - 6: What do you think visitors should see? Share your short films with us. Amateur and professional videographers are invited to enter the OCVB Video Competition to showcase their best short films featuring Oakland. What to Enter We are looking for videos that portray Oakland as an attractive, interesting destination. Films will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit.

Winners caa finalists in the video competition will be listed on the OCVB's website, www. For more details, contact destinationoakland yahoo. Guidelines Entrants must submit an original video of a minimum of 25 seconds and a maximum of four minutes in length featuring Oakland, CA. Two minutes is ideal for YouTube, however, quality videos up to 4 minutes will be accepted. Winning entries will be selected by their depiction of Oakland as well as video quality.


All entries and completed entry forms must be received by June 1, Scan the form and email it to: Or mail the form to: You will receive an email confirmation that your entry form has been received. This group account is moderated and it may take 5 to 10 days for your video to be added to the group and for you to receive confirmation. The sculpture technique of casting has been around since BC and is used with a vast array of materials. An evening of wine, appetizers and bands. Saturdat, February 27th, 4: Also, join JC Cellers the first Wednesday of every month for "Wine Wednesday" from pm for complimentary tastings and exclusive deals on featured wines.