How to make sex fun with my boyfriend

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Sex is all about being able to relax. Showing appreciation regularly like this not only makes you feel better about yourself, it gives a massive romantic boost to your relationship. It takes you back to the very beginning, when we spent the time appreciating and adoring our partner. So divide up the jobs, together working out who does what and when. You can update and change the list when you both agree to.

How to keep your sex life exciting - top 10 tips by sexpert Simone Bienne

How to make sex fun with my boyfriend This cuts out resentment - one of the single biggest reasons women stop wanting sex. And that includes in the bedroom. Quite the opposite is true. Voicing a disagreement with your other half prevents future resentments from building up. And that means you stay connected outside of the bedroom, as well as in it. Then talk through How to make sex fun with my boyfriend you can practically resolve the issue together. Once this is done, move on and keep the past where it should stay -behind you!

Then enjoy making up between the sheets. So a tip that does wonders for both libidos is to de-clutter the bedroom. Also other pictures should be images and colours that encourage romance. An essential part of this is liking and accepting your body -wobbly bits and all. Love your body and better sex will follow. Just turn on some music and dance. Dancing energises both your mind and your body. A little exercise like this flushes our systems with dopamine. Meaning you feel happier. It brings you face to face with you partner; and keeps you in close eye contact. Both of which simulate the close connection you had when you first met. But in an effort to keep your sex life surprising and engaging, relationship expert and therapist Dr.

Jane Greer suggests switching up the timing of your lovemaking. That can create interference in terms of being able to give oneself over to complete relaxation and pleasure. Advertisement 13 of 30 Take responsibility for your own sexual desire. Fantasize, read an erotic story, watch porn, flirt. Listen to your intuition and find the balance that works for you. In fact, simply discussing your desires outside of the relationship and your curiosity about others can actually bring you closer together, according to Dr.

And that can be a turn-on in and of itself. But these kinds of conversations can also challenge you both to see non-monogamy sdx a new light. Just listen to your gut, and communicate with your partner. Hpw might sound like the opposite of sexy Liseli sex info first, but putting sex on you and your S. You can call the reminder whatever you want, but Schewitz says that making the effort to put it on your calendars reminds you to make it a priority. Commit to having sex a ufn number of times per week or per month, and follow through with it, no matter how busy or how tired you are.

When the mood strikes, you might not be in your bedroom, candles lit and feeling your absolute most attractive. You may be sweaty from the gym or walking in from a long day of work when you catch a glimpse of your partner sitting on the couch or stirring tomato sauce, and you suddenly want to jump their bones. Moral of the story: Trust your desires and go with the flow. If your parents always told you to never go to bed angry, Geter says you might want to make an exception with your partner. Because, as some people already know, angry sex can be really, really hot. Geter says a sexcation — yep, a vacation in which your only plan is to get it on all the time — will recharge your sex life.

You may see your doctor twice a year, or meet with your boss once a week. So why not make time for a regular moment of reflection with your partner to discuss both your relationship and your sexual satisfaction? Sex therapist and expert Dr. Dawn Michael suggests sitting down and having a check-in once a month.