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The weak interaction is responsible for radioactive decay, which Mc dating servers haderslev an essential role in nuclear fission. The theory of the weak interaction is sometimes called quantum flavourdynamics QFDin analogy with the terms QCD dealing with the strong interaction and QED dealing with the electromagnetic force. The Standard Model of particle physics, which does not address gravity, provides a uniform framework for understanding how the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions work. An interaction occurs when two particles, typically but not necessarily half-integer spin fermions, exchange integer-spin, force-carrying bosons.

The fermions involved in such exchanges can be either elementary e. The mass of each of these bosons is far greater than the mass of a proton or neutron, which is consistent with the short range of the weak force. The force is in fact termed weak because its field strength over a given distance is typically several orders of magnitude less than that of the strong nuclear force or electromagnetic force. The weak interaction has a coupling constant an indicator of interaction strength of between 10? The weak interaction has a very short range around 10?

At distances around 10? All patients were Caucasian. A clinical description of patients identified through a Danish nationwide survey comprising 59 families all contributing to the current survey has recently been published [ 12 ]. Genetic screening was performed by bi-directional sequencing of PCR amplified exons with hzderslev flanking intronic regions. Primers hadwrslev are available on request. Mc dating servers haderslev minor proportion of mutations were identified at genetic departments at Skejby University Hospital, Rigshospitalet as well as in Norway and the Netherlands using other, but similar, technologies. All probands had the coding regions of the five genes sequenced.

All mutations were verified by sequencing a second amplified amplicon. All mutations were checked using Mutalyzer. The protein nomenclature was that used in the recent mutation update on LQTS [ 2 ]. Evaluation of sequence changes Deletions, frameshift- splice- and nonsense mutations were considered disease-causing if not found in controls. Concerning missense mutations, familial segregation was ascertained if possible, but nuclear family size was in all cases so small that it precluded a proper linkage analysis [ 12 ].

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Instead it was ascertained that the family did not contain affected members that did not carry the family mutation. Conservation of residues across several species was examined. All genetic variants were evaluated in randomly and anonymously collected blood donor controls alleles. It was established whether genetic variants had previously been associated with LQTS and whether functional analysis had been performed. The potential functional effect of changes in amino acid composition was assessed in silico using the prediction servers Polyphen-2 http: CentiMorgan distances were obtained from the Map-O-Mat database for microsatellites http: A loading mix of 0.